Starlink Launches a new High Performance Flat Starlink, proving that Star Mount Systems was right all along

SpaceX Starlink announced a new Flat High Performance Starlink for use in motion. Designed for RV, Vans, semi trucks, etc., this flat mount Starlink is designed to sit flat on the vehicle's roof and works while in motion.

However, many articles have pointed out that STAR-MOUNT Systems has been doing this for a long time already!

Space Explored mentioned us in their article about the new Starlink:

"People have even created businesses out of modifying Starlink terminals – such as Star-Mount systems. They offer a mounting kit so you can rehouse your own Starlink terminal into a flat mount."

The article also points out that the modified regular Starlink is still cheaper and smaller than the New High Performance dish. 

Our Flat Mount is just over 1 inch thick, including the dish! It is amazingly thin. And, for extra protection, the Flat Mount encases the dish in marine grade high density plastic and polycarbonate. So, we protect your investment!

The Flat High Performance Starlink is $2500 as of December 2022.

A STAR-MOUNTS Flat Mount for the regular size Starlink is under $400, and the dish is $700. So you can get great performance for half the cost.


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