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ALL NEW Star-Mount 12v Conversion for Generation 3 Starlink

ALL NEW Star-Mount 12v Conversion for Generation 3 Starlink

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It's here! The next Generation Starlink Dish is now available for order! That means its time to convert your New Starlink Dish to run on 12v DC Power!

Thats right! Just remove the supplied kick stand attached to your Gen 3 Starkink and clip in our Star-Mount 12v Conversion right in place! Plug power cable to 12v power and you’re online! No wire cutting, no dish modification needed, and no voiding of Starlink warranty! 💪🏻 Completely 100% Plug and Play out of the box!

With this Kit, you have the flexibly to easily and quickly return to using the standard Starlink Router using 110v/240v Power if you ever need to! You will be provided with two different premade power wires to plug into your 12v Power Source. Those options include eyelet connectors for attachment straight to your battery along with an option to plug directly into your vehicles cigarette lighter port!

You will no longer need to use the Starlink Router or Power Supply with this setup! We have installed a Wi-Fi 6 Router inside our Star-Mount Conversion Box. Starlink App is still fully functionable with this Kit!

This kit will also work with both 12v and 24v systems!

Available in Black and White

*Patent Pending*

Shipping for this Product expected Mid January!

More Info on the All-New Star-Mount Protective Mount for the Generation 3 Starlink!

Starlink has announced the All-New Generation 3 Starlink Dish, and it's now being distributed to the public! This Dish stands out from the previous Standard Starlink Model with its flat, low-profile design.

**So, why is this product important?**

The New Generation 3 Starlink lacks protection around its edges and corners. It's like getting a new cell phone without a case - not advisable! Protect your new Starlink with our enclosure to prevent any damage.

We're also excited to announce a new Quick Release feature for this mount!

**Mount Color Options:**

Available in both White and Black!

The entire mount is made of Starboard Material and is bolted together with stainless steel hardware.

Mount can be solid mounted directly to your mounting surface, with the option to attach Magnets or High quality suction mounts. Magnets and Suction Cups sold separately. 

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