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ALL NEW Generation 3 Star-Mount for Starlink

ALL NEW Generation 3 Star-Mount for Starlink

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**Introducing the All-New Star-Mount Protective Mount for the Generation 3 Starlink!**
Starlink has announced the All-New Generation 3 Starlink Dish, and it's now being distributed to the public! This Dish stands out from the previous Standard Starlink Model with its flat, low-profile design.

**So, why is this product important?**

A key feature of the new Starlink Dish is its "Kick Stand," allowing it to rest on flat surfaces. However, mounting it on a vehicle requires more than just the Kick Stand. That's where our New Generation 3 Protective Case comes in! It offers multiple mounting options for your vehicle. You can use through-bolts via the machined holes in the bottom section of the mount, or attach it with magnets and/or suction cups. The case is designed for flexibility; if you wish to use the Kick Stand upon reaching your destination, simply remove the mount from your vehicle and prop it up. Check out the pictures for more details!

Most importantly, the New Generation 3 Starlink lacks protection around its edges and corners. It's like getting a new cell phone without a case - not advisable! Protect your new Starlink with our enclosure to prevent any damage.

We're also excited to announce a new Quick Release feature for this mount as well!

**Mount Color Options:**

Available in both White and Black!

The entire mount is made of Starboard Material and is bolted together with stainless steel hardware.

Shipping expected to start First week of January! (Updated 12/30/23)

Mount can be solid mounted directly to your mounting surface, with the option to attach Magnets or High quality suction mounts. Magnets and Suction Cups sold separately. 

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