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STAR-MOUNT Flat Mount Pro with RJ45

STAR-MOUNT Flat Mount Pro with RJ45

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Same Great Low Profile Flat Mount but with waterproof RJ45 connections, removing the standard Starlink supplied connections that have been known to fail!


Comes with two RJ45 connectors along with waterproof coupler! 


A low profile mount to attach your Starlink dish anywhere, including cars, trucks, RVs or homes. The entire mount with the dish is only 1.187 inches thick (31 mm)

This mount cuts out extra parts, including the motor, to be as slim as possible. The case protects all sides of the dish with high quality marine STARBOARD material., which features:

  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Great impact and stiffness
  • Weatherability (UV stabilized)
  • Will not delaminate, chip, rot, or swell
  • No moisture absorption
  • Gloss finish
  • Easy to clean

And a 3/16" (4.8 mm)  Polycarbonate clear cover protects the face of the dish from weather and scratches.

Mount Dimensions (with Modified Starlink dish installed):

21.8" x 13.6" x 1.187" or 554 x 346 x 31 mm

Made for the Rectangle Residential and RV Starlink Dishy

This mount requires cutting the back off your Starlink dish. Use a Dremel tool to carefully cut the plastic around the back. This will probably void your warranty and there is some risk of damage to the essential parts of your dish. Click here for instructions or send your dish in for full service modification.

Template for Cutting is Included along with suggested Tools to perform modification yourself

Stainless Steel Hardware Included

A full modification service is available for your own dish. Purchase the service and send in your dish. And we will ship your dish back in the Flat Mount.

Mount can be solid mounted directly to your mounting surface, with the option to attach Magnets or High quality suction mounts sold separately. The Quick Release Slide Mount is recommended for all applications including Magnets and Suction cups to ensure that the mount is completely flat and straight at all times. This will also correct any slight curve in the casing.

DARTH EDITION WARNING: The Darth Edition does have a Tinted Lid and can cause your Starlink to be subject to hotter running temperatures and could cause overheating. 

Current Lead Time On Flat Mounts is 1-2 Weeks

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